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Primacy Social Developers Welcomes you.

We AREPrimacy

Primacy Social Developers is aimed at developing and improving the township communities of South Africa by making sure all the community Early Childhood Developments have online profiles that briefly details what they do and how they do it best...

What We Do

Want to get Noticed ?

Have your crèche page/profile on our website and let us do the rest to get your ECD recogniced all over the country and beyond.

We offer services to satisfy your needs and expectations. Sponsors and parents will be able to view, contact and register children on your crèche page through our website.


Are you a parent?

Want to register your child at a local crèche but don't have time to go view it?

We take care of the details.

Navigate to the crèche of your choice from our list, view make a choice and

register your child.



Cell, Tumelo:

+27 84 785 2603


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